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New Trend: In-House Catering at Indian Weddings = Higher RevPAS

So the vast majority of couples cater Indian food for the actual wedding and reception but there’s a growing trend towards opting for in-house for their sangeet. The sangeet is the night before the wedding – usually on a Friday night. And on paper, it looks identical to a wedding reception:

  • a few hundred guests
  • hosted open bar
  • same setup as a wedding reception: banquet rounds, dance floor, bars, buffet tables

BUT the big difference is couples are now leaning towards something different in terms of the cuisine for their sangeet. They seek variety and want to give everyone a break from heavy Indian food both nights. 

This is GREAT news for venues! What’s more, sangeets are usually on Friday night, so venues get increased occupancy on Fridays too! 

{The Best Cuisines for South Asians}

At every South Asian wedding there will be a constituency of guests that are vegetarian, so the menu will always have some vegetarian items, if not all. That’s more great news for venues as vegetarian items are generally lower cost than non-veg. 

Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine are very popular amongst South Asians – they’re delicious, filling, and vegetarian friendly. 

{How Should Venues Sell This?}

Actively suggest the in-house catering option to your prospective clients. Don’t wait for them to ask about it. Sometimes clients need to be prompted and have that seed planted for them. And talk about the convenience of having one less thing to worry about. 

{Impact on RevPAS}

As we know RevPAS (Revenue Per Available Seat) is an important Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for the Catering Department at any full service hotel or venue. And in-house catered events inherently have higher RevPAS than outside catered events. So venues that aren’t paying attention to capturing the sangeet business are missing out.

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{FAQs About ShaadiShop}

Is ShaadiShop a wedding planning service?

No. ShaadiShop is a tech company. We leverage software and web technology to drive quality leads to venues.
What does “Shaadi” mean?

“Wedding/marriage” in Hindi and Urdu (2 major languages spoken in South Asia).

What’s the difference between Indian and South Asian?
South Asia is the region of the world that includes India, Pakistan, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. ShaadiShop is happy to serve the needs of all South Asians vs. Indians only. 


There’s a growing trend towards opting for in-house catering for the sangeet night at Indian weddings. This is fantastic news for venues on two fronts:

  1. sangeets are usually on Friday night…so Friday night occupancy
  2. higher RevPAS in addition to the hosted bar

Some sangeets are as big as the wedding and some are slightly smaller This varies for each wedding but regardless most sangeets have at least 200 guests.

Venues should actively suggest the in-house catering option and talk about offering variety to their clients and letting the venue take that hassle off of their hands. 

The best cuisines for South Asians are: Mexican and Mediterranean. They’re filling, delicious and vegetarian-friendly. Having vegetarian-friendly options is important at South Asian weddings as there’s always a constituency of guests who are vegetarian.

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Samta Varia Founder & CEO ShaadiShop: Indian Wedding Venues

{ShaadiShop Testimonials}

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